Network of competence

Entrepreneurs and experts

On the one hand, our experts are experienced entrepreneurs and/or proven specialists in specific disciplines. Based on the current challenges of the startup, the participating personalities are selected individually and in a targeted manner. The team of experts can be exchanged or supplemented during the program if other/additional skills are required. The selection of the experts is carried out by SwissEF. The startup may reject them in justified cases, and alternatives will be sought.



Industry partners

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation has created an industrial network that is unique in Switzerland. This network consists of very successful and internationally active Swiss companies. They have agreed to support the companies participating in the UpScaler Program with their extensive know-how and experience. This can be done in the following areas, for example:

  • Basic advice and guidance on the specifics of certain target markets
  • Access to the international network of suppliers and customers
  • Networking with local initial contacts and key persons
  • Prior clarification of regulatory requirements in the target markets
  • Support in the search for infrastructure/premises



Network Power

SwissEF has a broad network in business and politics. It also has good contacts with a wide range of investors, from business angels to large funds. As far as possible, the foundation continues to support the participating startups with the strength of its network even after the program has ended.